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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Telugu & Hindi Key Board Layout

Telugu Unicode Key Board
Hindi Unicode Key Board

(CLICK HERE get layout) 

              Every Telugu Person can download 18 Telugu Unicode Fonts for free from Telugu Vijayam Website  (CLICK here to download the fonts) & add the flavour of Telugu into Computerized generation with those 18 variant New Fonts giving New Look to our Telugu language. I downlaoded these 18 Fonts and worked with them & felt happy because I can type anywhere (except page maker & photoshop)  by choosing different varieties of fonts with these fonts. Previously there was only one (Gauthami) Unicode Fonts but now we have the best choice with these fonts.
          But, Telugu Unicode fonts must be developed more yet & there is a need to add many symbols those are very necessary for the language.

నా తెలుగు మిత్రులందరూ తెలుగు టైపింగు బాగా నేర్చుకోవాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాను.

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